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Since 1991 CalebAcuity has been known for being at the heart of delivering successful change programs across a range of Public and Private Sectors of Industry.  CalebAcuity is adept at identifying and aligning company vision, goals and objectives into requirements that are allocated to deliver synergistic initiatives that lead to enterprise solutions. We meld corporate and departmental strategies and blend them into a program management framework to establish direction and scope of change for the organisation. We work with you to parcel these needs into requirements that are then allocated into manageable plans for efficient, consistent and systematic implementation.  On completion of all assignments our final objective is to
ensure you are in complete control of a high performing and stable situation.


As a consequence of observing the needs of our Clients many  were wrestling with inconsistent approaches to managing programs and projects whilst also needing to access their company methodology ‘on the go’, CalebAcuity developed a project management utility that provides a visual representation of best practices for program and project management.  This product, OUR SmartStart, is designed to work with Microsoft Visio and uses Visio and PDF files to generate updates to provide status and visibility to the project team and management. We support  project flows based on established methodologies PRINCE2 and PMP.  OUR SmartStart supports Waterfall, Agile and customised approaches as the product can be readily tailored to suit the specific requirements of your organisation. 

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CalebAcuity's Provenance

Since 1991, CalebAcuity has provided ethical and professional services to help companies define and execute their Business and IT strategies and achieve outstanding business performance. Based in Oxford, England and Silicon Valley, California our team have been helping clients overcome major business challenges for more that 15 years. We have a stellar record of performance and maintain the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business.

We understand how to identify and focus on a client's most pressing needs delivering practical, efficient and effective solutions that will give them an advantage over the competition.  We are experienced in delivering complex and difficult projects on time, within budget and meeting or exceeding expectations. We don't just give advice, we engage with our clients to deliver superior solutions using our tools and experience.

Personal call references and case studies are available on request.

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CalebAcuity through its sister company praXec ( has teamed with the University of California (Berkeley) to use their research, AI and smart algorithms, to create a tool that can provide an X-Ray type view of capability assessed against any given project objective thus understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both team and operational environment enabling performance improvement changes to be made at the outset thus avoiding unsuspected detrimental impact on the business.  

Our uniqueness is that the X-Ray can be completed in 14 days minimising impact on the start of the project hence we recommend that all objectives be tested before launch to avoid later disappointment.


CalebAcuity and its sister company praXec ( has the ability to examine and provide an independent view of what organisations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in today's fast-paced world. Specifically, we look at technologies like artificial intelligence, Block Chain, the Internet of Things to determine the applicability and possible  advantages offered to your business. We then strategize using our tools and global resources to identify candidate solutions that could benefit your organisation. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you stay ahead of your competition.


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