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Simplifying Complexity to Improve Capability

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The Areas in which we Excel: 


Our identification and planning service prepares your organisation for successful procurements & deliveries of AI/ML projects. Our strategic approach consists of three components: 1. Educate & understand 2. Identify & prioritise 3. Scope & structure. We deliver strategic & technical roadmaps, AI impact assessments and well-defined requirement lists.

Due Diligence

Selecting the best supplier of AI solutions is a complex challenge, as the systems are self-improving & opaque. Our AI supplier evaluation framework helps you de-risk the procurement and confidently choose the most valuable & reliable solution. We deliver a well-documented in-depth diligence of AI solutions, services and suppliers.


Our experienced professionals work with organisations providing targeted business advisory services. Focussed on mentoring, coaching, business support and ‘fast-track’ development of individual and leadership skills to improve performance effectiveness and efficiency, equipping individuals and teams with skills making that vital difference.


Our Assessment Tool supports organisations in understanding their Capability. This is the first people-centric, statistically valid approach to measuring innovation & operational capability plus organisational mindset targeted at the successful evolution of an organisation to become ‘fit for purpose’ or getting a project to where it ‘needs to be’.


We provide highly experienced, programme, project and process professionals to lead, facilitate and implement business transformation. Leveraging our unique client tailorable and good practice process mapped guide, we ensure successful transformation and implementation through applying best-in-class management techniques across the entire lifecycle.


Our mapping service leverages our client tailorable OUR-SmartStart Project Management guide to achieve consistency and continuity of methodology. This unique guide includes embedded templates, underpinning successful delivery through the visual representation of good practice programme, project and process management across the entire lifecycle.


Est. 1989, our greatest successes have always been about the chemistry between ourselves and our customers. 

CalebAcuity is a current G-Cloud Supplier

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